who is B.A.M.f.a.c.e?

The acronym was originally bestowed upon Bam by the honorable brothers of Omega Psi Phi frat inc. sigma sigma chpt… they deemed him a “Bad Ass Motha F*****n Ace!” Musicians & music Lovers abroad, that would eventually become exposed to “his-FUnk” would come to understand & concur as to why the afore-mentioned brothers bestowed such a name upon him in the first place! The name & the man would eventually evolve into one who makes “Bold-Ass-Music-Funkin-against-corruption-Everywhere!” & the “Blak-Ass-Man-Facing Adversity-in a Caucasian-environment!”

Born in cleveland Ohio, and raised in Cincinnati Ohio, B.A.M.f.a.c.e embodies the northern strong-FuNK sounds of legends the likes of, “The Ohio Players”, “The Isley Brothers”, “George Clinton”, “Bootsie Collins”", Babyface & The Deale”,”Roger and The Zapp Band”, amoung countless other legendary Funky soul-artist who happen to reign from that particular region. Bamface would add demensions to his artistry, with his passionate early childhood Love for Dub music/(reggae)!! Bob Marley, SteelPulse, Pato Banton, Gregory Issac, amoung countless other Raggae legends would help expand Bamface’vocal horizons! His close friend & ¬†Legendary Keyboardist Bernard Wright describes him as the Hybrid of 2pac/Bob Marley/ & Marvin Gaye!!

Blessed with a unique & genuine songwriting ability, a welcoming wit, a wonderful sense of wordplay, He delivers rasp, raw, unforgiving passages from his Book-o-Bamphrases! ¬†presenting to us…”Nickelbox-of-fUnk (II)” A very creative compiling of a seven course “musical-buffet”!Seven individually different songs, yet combined with the common element of…”the-bamFuNK”! Nickelbox-of-FUnk (II) will surely have the masses asking, “Where the hell is nickelbox 1?” Bamface has been stamped & approved, a “SON of the funk” BY the Godfather of funk himself, George Clinton! Bamface’ friend, current George Clinton drummer, Miles Davis’ Lead Bassist named Foley introduced the two in Hollywood. Bamface & Bernard Wright broke into an impromptu JAM of a Bamface song from ¬†”Nickelbox of fUnk1″ entitled “Aint Got”; The Godfather’s immediate response @ the conclussion of “said-Jam” was…”Boi where u from, u got dat shit!”All three “musical legends” present at the time, (Bernard Wright, George Clinton, & Foley) unanomusly agreed upon the fact that…”1day